Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lion attacks two brothers at Kaneri village

Lion attacks two brothers at Kaneri village
Divya Bhaskar
Briefly translated from Gujarati
A pride with four adult lions and cubs had made Kaneri village in Una sub-district as their home since last one week.

In the morning at about 8AM, Rana Laxman Solanki and Dhiru Laxman Solanki, two brothers were working in their farm. Suddenly one lion attacked Ranabhai and started pulling him by holding him on his right hand. Dhiru when saw this came to rescue. Lion attacked him and injured him on back and thighs. Inspite of though fight by brothers lion would not buzz but it became more furious.

In the meantime Haresh Bachu olanki saw the man – animal fight. He started throwing stones at lion. And mob gathered started shouting. Finally lion left two men and hide into nearby barley crops.

At the time other three lions were hiding in the sugarcane farm. Injured brothers were taken to Una Govt. hospital for treatment. Forest department staff immediately rushed to the place to arrange for moving lions to jungle area.